Tecno Camon X 32 GB Black

Tecno Camon X 32 GB Black
Tecno Camon X 32 GB Black
The company is engaged in the production of far from the most expensive devices, but in its lineup there is a differentiation of models by segment. We have already managed to examine in detail the most noticeable models presented by Tecno in Russia – Camon Pouvoir 2 and Camon 11, these are the most interesting representatives of the budget and fashion segments under the Tecno brand, respectively. Now we will turn our attention to the most interesting model Tecno Camon X in terms of technical capabilities: everything that the manufacturer was able to implement, he implemented here.
The Tecno Camon X is the company’s first smartphone with a dual flash for front-facing camera with adjustable brightness and the ability to take selfies with bokeh, despite having only one lens. Among other things, the smartphone implements the Face ID function, which unlocks the phone by recognizing the owner’s face. At the same time, the price of the model does not go beyond the “psychological barrier” of 15 thousand rubles, that is, the device can still be attributed to the budget category, which is always relevant.
Tecno Camon X turned out to be not as catchy and attractive as its brother Tecno Camon 11, which has just moved up the image line. There are no glass panels with multi-colored mirror substrates that shimmer in the light. The case is simple in appearance and practical to use. A regular plastic trough completely covers the back and sides.
The surface of the case is matte, rough, and you won’t immediately understand that this is not metal, especially since the curly grooves are confusing. And nevertheless, there is no metal here – the case is completely plastic, and the grooves serve as tricks for, so to speak, raising the status.
The smartphone is not very large, thin and rather light, so it fits comfortably in the hand and does not pull the pockets of clothes. Fingerprints on matte surfaces are practically invisible, the smartphone does not slip in the hand either, the body is practical and ergonomic. https://jiji.com.et/bole/mobile-phones/tecno-camon-x-32-gb-black-96g1JxTUmQXb2L7shRBi6585.html
There is also no notorious bang-cut in the screen, and the corners of the display itself, although for some reason, are rounded, but quite a bit. The front-facing camera above the screen has its own bright dual-element LED flash. It is curious that it does not serve as an indicator of events here, as in the same Camon 11 – here a separate diode is used as an informational diode.
The camera on the back side sticks out a little, but the smartphone practically does not wiggle when you touch the screen, it lies steadily on a hard surface.
The fingerprint scanner pad is located under the index finger on the back, it is slightly recessed, it is easy to feel it blindly. The scanner itself works tolerably well.
But the most interesting thing is that the rear flash is not easy here either: it has already been assembled from four bright LEDs. Considering the double frontal one, in the smartphone you can count 6 backlight LEDs – just some kind of flash master!
There are no complaints about the mechanical buttons on the side. The keys differ tactilely – the power button has a corrugated surface. The buttons are conveniently installed on one side edge, they are large and have a distinct response.
The card slot is triple: you can install 2 SIM cards of the Nano-SIM format and a microSD memory card in it at once, without sacrificing anything. It’s comfortable. Hot swap of cards is supported.
The top end is not occupied by anything, and at the bottom are the 3.5 mm audio output, a microphone, a Micro-USB connector, and the main speaker.
The case was not protected from water and dust. In nature, there are three color options for Tecno Camon X: black, blue and gold. True, the most discreet colors are traditionally supplied to the Russian official retail, ignoring most often pink and blue. The situation is the same with Camon X: the Chinese supply us only black and gold versions, but not blue.
Tecno Camon X is equipped with an IPS display with 2.5D protective glass. The screen dimensions are 68 Г— 136 mm. The diagonal is 6 inches, the resolution is 1440 Г— 720 (with an aspect ratio of 18: 9), the dot density is about 268 ppi. The width of the frame around the screen on the sides is 3 mm, the indent from the bottom is about 12 mm high, from the top – 10 mm.