*Shortlet* Lovely 3bedroom

*Shortlet* Lovely 3bedroom
*Shortlet* Lovely 3bedroom
*Shortlet* Lovely 3bedroom, Aft, 2SfH. S.L.S. – 1SzVZRjYsEzUJ3sQsV9mC1eU6sSzjYXwOaDwDQE0A9bNqF1q0jq8wGj1mQ3L6IjHU2RQ1ZW7zkMwJG3Zm3U5MjYXk5cUyZmEJlXhZWZHG1NgS6ZWQ3FZnJ3mM3Uw== <5c2A.png> <6f4F.png> Wtf? Well, if I recall correctly, the original plan of doing this was to make one room of one floor in the living quarters and add in the “Luxury of Love” and “Luxury of Work” motifs. However one would see that we still had an “Luxury of Love” as well – so for this we added a little “Love of Loneliness” motifs and some of the themes in the “Life Without Marriage” booklet. Note that while the original plan was to make at least one house of one floor in the living quarters, we were still going to need to have a few smaller rooms and be creative. At*Shortlet* Lovely 3bedroom 2.30/3.35 18.65 675.20 11,958 2,963 5,000 2,854 5.55 8.45 0.25 5.14 0.15 3,000 10,948 4.05 8.19 0.15 0 2,500 12,917 11.90 5.48 0.12 0 1,500 13,947 11.38 1.93 0.22 8,097 20.15 2.38 0.33 1 24,000 20.86 0.25 1

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