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[17] “This is called ‘The Koe-Kai Burger’, and is quite common. This is a typical of the Japanese Keto diet. It is usually fried or fried with a bit of pork meat mixed in,” explains one customer, who asked on a forum about the burger.

The Knees of Old Japan

The Koe-Kai Burger is said to have become popular in Yokohama, and it is considered the number one burger of the time. A koe-ke is a burger made out of a mixture of meat, pork fat, cabbage, and garlic, with white sauce on top. The burger is a bit spicy and has to be fastened to a bun.

According to Korean news magazine The Korean Daily News, which mentions on a topic called “Koe-Kai Burger Style”, most of the Burger and the Knees will become famous around the world because of the burger taste.

A few other locations and websites have since posted Koe-ke menus of other sorts. Many of them can be found in places like Japanese restaurants and supermarket chains. It might also be important to know if the order is made out of pork, meat, or pork meat. They can all make a good koe-ke order but most don’t even get a chance to try a “k” sign.

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