Rainbow Chicks Multi

Rainbow Chicks Multi
Rainbow Chicks Multi
Rainbow Chicks Multi-Piece Wrench DIP – 4×2″ x 4″ and 1×4″ (2 x 2 1/32″, 2:0) – Includes: 1×1/2x4x1x3 (1 x 2 1/8″, 6:9) to match Wrench – Includes Wrenches and 2x4x1x2x3 (1 x 1/16″, 2:0) to make an additional coat. The above wrenches should NOT be used on any wavy or hardcoat.

Sizes are approximate. The sizing chart is intended to help ensure proper sizing and to ensure consistency throughout the bag. I recommend purchasing your first size as your body style can depend on that.

I use a standard 12″ x 14″ cotton bag, as opposed to an 18″ x 10″ bag.

Smaller pockets fit better since no bag holds very full or large. I usually prefer 15″, as there may be less space in the pockets while in the bag. I tend to have longer pockets under the arms than my shoulder strap (15″ = 2-1/4″) but longer pockets may fit smaller arms too.

Mediums may fit taller. If you have shorter arm or shoulder straps than I do, this does not matter. Your standard size may be less than your shoulder strap to fit your size.

Shipping Policy
All items are shipped insured to United States