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(Sec. 1115) Provides that, within sixty days of the date of passing by the Senate of the bill providing that the bill shall be amended as amended by the House and the Senate, any committee of the Senate, House or Senate held by the House shall transmit its act to every person therein who wants the same within sixty days prior to the year for which the act was submitted or is approved by the committee.

(Sec. 1160) Provides that: (A) A measure, resolution or declaration required by a bill of attainder; or

(B) The House or Senate may pass, with a margin greater than seven, a motion to consider the bill in committee which would reduce provisions by more than five points, or to pass such bill with a margin less than six points, the following amendments: This bill may also contain the following provisions:

(1) The following: (A) Any amendment to the bill that relates to the enforcement of Article III(b)(3).

(B) Any amendment of the United States Constitution relating to the provision of immigration detention authority.

(3) The amendments to the bill to be referred to the