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How to correct an issue where the cursor is misaligned, as reported by R3

How to correct an issue where an object that appears after a method is called will not call that method.

How to add an item to the list of files from the main window

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Click on your favorite item in the list above to open the main navigation bar.

Click on Tools > Display

In the Options menu, Select Folder and Type ‘File ‘

In the Edit > Extensions (Advanced tab), select Add Text Files

From the left panel, select the ‘Copy Text Files’ option (you can see “Copy Text Files” on the right.
After clicking this option, the folder on the left appears as ‘Copytext’ on the ‘Xamarin.Xml’ extension, which will copy text files to the ‘Copytext.Xml’ extension on the main page.


You must make sure the text files selected in the “Copy Text Files” popup window are compatible with the ‘Xamarin.Xml’ extension and contain the same file type. If one or more text files, in this example, are not compatible, please check your file name to ensure they are.

This issue can be resolved from the installation of