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GnuJS is an open-source JavaScript Web browser for creating webpages and providing an immutable set of properties to create, edit, delete, or change any of them. The language has many features including:

Easy to use, easy to learn

No additional configuration needed when creating WebPages (unless you really want to.)

Quick start

GnuJS will install and begin to execute the following command for the selected file system and application:

npm install gnujs –save

Note: if you want to manually install additional dependencies or add additional customizations, gnujs may not work well (it might only work with a few web apps or it might not work, so use at your own risk. For your convenience, I’ve chosen to run the following command on all the specified applications:
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Note: If you’re running the gnujs test suite, you must also install gnujs-2.1.0.

The configuration file created above is included on the web app download page for gnujs.

If you run npm install -g to install a specific setting, a few things might change. If you have multiple WebPages installed in a directory with names or paths similar to these, then you should install