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It should appear that the matter was closed for four to six months, and it was finally agreed that publication dates of the article in print would take longer. For reference, in 2003, the Times had published a story in which Mr. Bogle claimed Ms. Kelly was lying and she was a liar. In 2005, the Times had published a piece where, in the words of the Post’s Michael Kiesewetter, the editors had warned Bogle of the risk from “further legal action.”

The Times’ report was not without controversy, however; it came under the microscope of Ms. Kelly, and the Times, at its very best, was not only not reporting on that aspect of the story, but it was publishing it in its full length. The Times called the story “absurd” and described it as an “opportunistic fabrication.” The article was entitled, “An old friend from her parents’ home in St. James Island, Newfoundland, who is said to have been one of the most notorious sex abusers in Newfoundland history.” It was also titled: “Newfoundland’s Man Behind The Madness.”

Not that the Times was looking for problems with one of its stories. In early 2008, in a series of front-page stories, the Times reported in detail on the story from a news reporter who had already been fired:

“The Times’ decision