New Samsung Galaxy

New Samsung Galaxy
New Samsung Galaxy

It all started on April 11th, 2013. The phone was released this year as the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and has already become an important part of the smartphone portfolio.

What happened? What have happened so far? What would happen next? With a year’s worth of sales and new hardware it’s possible that the Galaxy S4 is going to have a chance to stand out even more in the smartphone category. There are some interesting ideas to look at including the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip, and the upcoming 16MP UltraPixel camera.

For Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy S4 4G

It’s expected from the outset that it’s the Snapdragon 801’s first Android version. The phones go on sale in China in April and we should expect most of these phones to be launched this fall. At a similar point, the company is also preparing for the launch of a new smartphone by the end of 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. There are also rumors suggesting the next Galaxy S4 is coming out in 2017. It’s only been a few months and there have been few of these rumors.

For HTC:

But the biggest surprise has to be the first handset to have all Google’s best features built into one device. In the current era where the HTC One is the most widely used smartphone of all time, you’d expect a very
New Samsung Galaxy Z3.1 has a slightly different name than the Galaxy Note 2, but it has the same specifications. The Galaxy Z3.1 has dual-SIM support and includes an expandable memory and dual USB 3.0 ports for transferring content up to 25GB of data per charge. In addition, it has 4GB of RAM (at 16GB max) and an S5 storage capacity of 4Gb.

You may be asking, ‘Where are the four GSM towers on the edge of the screen?’ I’m going to say: The Galaxy Z3.1 is the most premium Galaxy Z3 I’ve seen, and the only one that hasn’t looked like the Galaxy S5 or S7 Edge.

For good measure: Samsung Galaxy Z3.1

The next main innovation looks very different. The first one has been the camera. It has an autofocus on the left and a focus ring on the right. The right of the camera lens comes with a black and white display. It does exactly what it sounds like on S4 and S5 models of phones and offers full resolution for both high-definition video, image preview and video, so you can see the phone even in the dim light.

For good measure: Samsung Galaxy Z3.1

There is a microSD card slot, as well as two 2.5″ and 2.5″ mini USB 3.0 ports. There are two Display