Need A Job in Kampala –

Need A Job in Kampala –
Need A Job in Kampala -
Need A Job in Kampala – A Teacher Who Helped Us Meet Our Dream

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In the run-up to a crucial election, we had a chance to interview a new South Sudanese leader. He knew the world, but it was South Sudan’s president who saw us as young Sudanese citizens, and what he expected from us as American citizens. “We know what you do and what you expect from us. It’s hard to live without our culture or our history. Even when I was in the South — when those four years were over, when we realized that our government hadn’t taken care of us, they just told me I would not come to power,” Al-Kurrah says.

We spoke with a few other local college friends who lived in South Sudan. Then they started working for the International Youth Coalition. The group offers a wide range of programs, from tuition scholarships to literacy education for adults and schoolchildren. Those with whom we spoke are all part of these groups. One young woman who was on the same mission wanted to be a doctor for a year. Al-Kurrah and the others in the program called her and the others on the other end of the phone a “soul mate,” which was what many of them did. That sounds a lot like that woman.
And, yes, we were part of a