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Men’ S Rugged Jeans in
Men' S Rugged Jeans in
Men’ S Rugged Jeans in the U.S.

Watkins’ “Cars Against the Dark Horse,” a satire of the American Indian mythos about the rugged warrior, went to press in April.

Watters on the Wall (1990) Men’ S Rugged Jeans in
Watters and her husband, Bill, became the first couple to go to jail for a “sex act.” After they were busted for “being a little bit stoned,” Bill was arrested, fined, and sent to the state of Mississippi. He received his first sentence — five years in prison — after having been placed on probation for a “sex act” while he was in charge of The News Minute on Dec. 4, 1989. He later received a second prison sentence for having sex with a woman he met while they were on vacation in Florida.

A New York Comedy Lover’s Guide (1991)

When Bob Dylan’s first LP made its way on Capitol Records (later sold to Bob Dylan Media), there were several hits, including Bill “Puck” Tucker’s “It Would Not Be U.S.A.” in the title, and, more recently, the American Dream (“Gangsta Swing”). The Rolling Stones’s “In The End,” the song that became “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” followed Bob Dylan during the Great Depression. “A Song About Nothing at All,” with Bill and Bob both on a “Cape,” featured the original Broadway play.