Jbl Boombox

Jbl Boombox
Jbl Boombox
With deep bass and surprisingly loud sound for a portable stand-alone speaker, the new JBL Boombox 2 speaker system is the real party king. However, these are not all the advantages that the manufacturer has put into the novelty. How well this speaker copes with music of various genres indoors, outdoors and even underwater, you will learn from our review.
Almost any JBL-branded HARMAN speaker system is always distinguished by its incredibly attractive design, unusual features and, of course, high sound quality. The latter is aimed, as a rule, at a young audience who prefers electronic music, pop music, rap, hip-hop and other areas where bass coloring is important. What is there to hide – many people love JBL precisely for its expressive bass, and only then for everything else.
Today, the real king of bass turned out to be in our test lab! According to the manufacturer, the new JBL Boombox 2 speaker system is one of the loudest boomboxes in the JBL speaker range, with almost the same deep and powerful bass as a sound system in a good club. And you can also take this column with you to the pool, since nothing will happen to it, even if you pour water on it from a bucket, and then “accidentally” send it for a swim. And although it is not recommended to dive with it, the JBL Boombox 2 will withstand diving to a depth of one meter. And we will definitely test this today too.
The speaker comes in a large cardboard box with carry handles on the sides. The box is heavy enough. We had at our disposal two JBL Boombox 2 speakers at once, differing from each other in colors.
JBL Boombox 2 speaker package
The package is pretty simple. Together with the speaker in the box, we found the following accessories:
Probably, for a column of this type, some kind of transport case would not hurt, but it was not included in the kit. However, the novelty is well protected from external influences, so the absence of this accessory is not critical.
2 woofers Г— 106 mm (4 inches)
2 HF Г— 20 mm (0.75 in.)
In the mode of operation from the network: 2 Г— 40;
In battery mode: 2 Г— 30
IPX7 water resistant
PartyBoost technology for speaker linking https://jiji.com.et/bole/audio-and-music-equipment/jbl-boombox-r5clNBwWrDCrj6TGs3OQ1u0a.html

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