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4. Kale

I was really surprised. Like most of the places on this list, the Kale Center was pretty well kept. The bathrooms and food were the best. They definitely have the best kind of desserts and the food is usually good too. The bathrooms are a little more crowded than the stores with better deals on everything, but overall, I was excited to step into the new Kale Center.

5. Barbecued Red Macaroons

I didn’t miss this. I ordered a plate of these in my morning coffee when my friend was out playing Mario Kart 8, and I didn’t remember looking at them, but I should have because, as I said, I think I’m pretty excited about this one. I mean, who doesn’t want a Macaroni and cheese macaroon?

Like the bar and their food, the rest of the bar and their locations were great too. They had a number of different types of food, depending on which chain you look at. I’ve been here before, and I could almost guarantee a double meal here on Yelp. The sandwiches were crispy and delicious, and the grilled chicken was a little too salty to be anything of note.

6. Borschtel’s Fries

The place has a good selection of french fries and their bread has
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