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Charger Accessories & Supplies for Electronics in Uganda
Charger Accessories & Supplies for Electronics in Uganda
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Review of branded accessories for smartphones of the iPhone 12 series: cases, chargers, headphones
In 2020, Apple introduced its line of MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12. MagSafe is, as the manufacturer explains, a new ecosystem of accessories that magnetically attach to the back of the iPhone 12 and provide faster wireless charging.
The silicone MagSafe case provides secure, stylish protection for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPhone 12 Mini. The outer surface is made of silicone and, thanks to a special treatment, is pleasant to the touch. Built-in magnets quickly and securely attach to the iPhone 12 case, but the case is easy to remove and put on.
The reliability of protecting your smartphone from scratches and damage when dropped is proven by thousands of hours of testing, which were carried out at all stages – from design to production. On the inside, the case is trimmed with soft microfiber, which excludes the appearance of even subtle micro-scratches on the phone.
The MagSafe silicone case fits iPhone perfectly with wireless charging, so it’s faster. You don’t need to remove it while charging – just connect the MagSafe charger or place your smartphone on the Qi charging station.
The MagSafe silicone case is available in eight colors, from bright pink, which will appeal to the fair sex, to classic black, which will emphasize the serious business status of the owner. Or you can buy several covers in different shades and change them depending on your mood, the weather outside the window, or the color of your clothes.
No matter what modern synthetic materials are invented, genuine high-quality leather will never go out of style. The MagSafe Leather Bumper Case is a reliable and stylish protection for any iPhone 12 series smartphone from drops and scratches, which emphasizes the status of the owner. The reliability of the product has been confirmed in the course of several thousand tests at all stages of design and production. The model is produced in noble colors – dark blue, orange, brown, black and red.
Built-in magnets make it quick and easy to remove and don the case. At the same time, it sits on the smartphone securely, completely repeating the contours of its body and almost without increasing its size.
No need to remove the leather case during wireless charging – it’s compatible with MagSafe and Qi chargers. However, Apple warns that leather is a natural material and may develop a MagSafe charging mark over time. In addition, during operation, microcracks and patina may form on the skin. This is the so-called “noble aging”, which is expressed in a slight darkening and the appearance of a soft shine.
If the user does not want to hide the design of the back panel of the iPhone 12 under the case, but wants to provide his smartphone with a high level of protection against unforeseen situations such as drops and scratches on other objects when carrying it in a pocket or bag, then Apple offers to purchase a transparent case. It will allow the owner and others to see the back panel of the iPhone 12 in its original form, but at the same time it will protect an expensive phone no worse than a silicone or leather case.
At the same time, like a silicone and leather, the transparent case is equipped with MagSafe magnets, that is, it is easy to put on and take off and at the same time it is securely fixed on the smartphone, tightly fitting to the back panel and ends. A combination of polycarbonate and flexible materials is used as the material of the cover, and a special coating protects it from scratches on the outside and inside.