Car Rentals in Accra

Car Rentals in Accra
Car Rentals in Accra
Car Rentals in Accra Hills

The number of people looking to rent a house on Accra Hills’ south-east is growing at a slow rate.
Car Rentals in Accra

“It’s a massive rise that’s on the scale of the boom period for the last three or four years and we’re quite pleased with where it’s occurring,” said Greg Walshe.

He’s looking to put his family’s home in the top 10 most expensive apartment on the North Shore.

“It’s a very exciting market,” said Walshe. “We’re very proud of the fact it’s our biggest year so far.

“It’s an enormous value proposition and it offers great value too.”

As much as 300 new family-friendly properties have been built on the property in three years.

Many have been completed recently, while others are in development on the main site (see list).

The property is expected to fetch between 4-5 per cent higher than previous record prices.

“We’re already seeing new units being constructed and so is that a sign that property prices have gotten better or worse,” explained Mr Walshe.

“The last five years we’ve been doing well,” he added.

“By the end of 2014 that average has decreased