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Additionally, it’s hard to position the legs properly in a forward facing carrier, which can cut off circulation or increase the risk of accelerated hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a developmental or genetic condition that causes abnormal formation at the hip joint. This means that a carrier will not cause hip dysplasia, as some assume. However, many parents of newborns or infants do not yet realize that their child has this condition, as it typically is not apparent until the child is several months old. Many babywearing consultants also recommend heart-to-heart (inward-facing) positioning along with clear visibility of the mother’s face instead of facing the outside world.

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  • If you’re looking for ways to reduce crying in your young baby, baby wearing may be worth trying.
  • The worst cases may require the child to have to have a hip replacement.
  • All it takes is a few buckles and you’re on your way.

For UV protection, remember that any fabric covering skin is a good start, but fabric alone, particularly mesh fabric, is not going to have a high SPF. If you want or need specific sun protection, look for fabrics like Solarweave. But no matter what type of wrap your baby is in, remember to keep the sun protection tips above in mind.

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Of course it does work, but here we are talking about the best and safest way to carry our babies. Besides, some parents complain that inserts feel bulky, get hot quickly and make it really difficult to toddler toys position the baby properly. What’s really important, this ring sling is almost 3 times shorter than baby carrier wraps which makes it easier to deal with. Because the fabric is not that long, you don’t have to worry about dragging it on the ground when putting it on. It’s also simpler to adjust and there are less layers.

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But more than anything, the biggest difference babywearing makes is that it decreases overall crying by over 40%, according to scientific research. Handmade with love, The Beluga Wrap Carrier is the comfiest baby carrier for newborns to one year. Our hundreds of customer-verified reviews prove what I knew from the start, that the Beluga Wrap brings a little bit of peace into newborn life.

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Once I learned how to use my Moby Wrap, I was obsessed and wore Isla all snuggled up on my chest for approximately four months non-stop. Ever since, I have been a huge advocate of “baby wearing” and all goodness that it promotes between mother and child. The difference between soft and woven wraps is that the fabric in a woven wrap is stiffer and more structured, and may allow you to more comfortably carry larger babies or toddlers. Holding your little one close to you for an extended period of time can really crank up the body heat. Opting for a wrap or sling that allows for air to flow easily will help keep you and your baby cool and comfortable while you’re using the sling or wrap.


Frequent holding and skin on skin contact has lifelong benefits for babies . The belief that you can spoil a child by holding them too much is outdated and has been proven by science to be false. That may not convince some people in your life who will try to tell you otherwise. But I always believe in science more than word of mouth. All you do by babywearing is forge a strong attachment between you and your child. Forming a close attachment from day one of their lives will carry over year after year.

This carrier fits adults from size 00 to 24 and even has a back panel that is designed to support the wearer’s back while also evenly distributing the baby’s weight. The machine-washable wrap carrier is made to be breathable using a 50% cotton and 50% modal fabric. Adults can safely carry babies between 8 and 30 pounds using this carrier, and it comes in various color options. I love the position you are describing, but babies do not always consent to being turned in. As a large breasted woman, there is simply no good way to nurse in that position.