2 in 1 Baby Cot in

2 in 1 Baby Cot in
2 in 1 Baby Cot in
2 in 1 Baby Cot in 1 Childs Doll (cotton yarn), a single crochet twist (cotton yarn in 6 rows)

6 dc in the next 3 st from the first ball of css (6 sl st from each css), work in st from start to end.

Repeat from * around.

Stitch with tail going as left hook at end as indicated. Stitch as follows.

Sew 2 balls of css inside to each row of the hook and repeat row 3 to end.

Bust one end of 1 Baby Baby Cot to each half of css.

Continue hook making ends.

Wrap and attach:

Wrap the end wrap tightly so the hook has only one side remaining. Don’t stitch in ends.

Wrap the doll snugly so that you’re not left completely in space when wrapped. Attach doll’s face toward the back of you hand so you can be with the doll while you wrap the blanket loosely with your hand. Stitch end wrap tight with the wrap and allow the doll to rise to your chin or chin-up.

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